BOT delivers for you!


         According to SBA, in last 9 years from 1800+ new California businesses, BOT is the only startup winner of military innovative research awards. 


         The Navy selects BOT for two dedicated visits, out of many companies Navy has worked with. 


         In the initial feasibility study, lasting only 6 month, BOT produces 2 successful, working complementary prototypes.  (2-3 year for each is the norm.)  


         The Navy asks for both 50% weight reduction and 50% performance increase.  Instead, BOT deliver both 74% weight reduction and 150% performance increase.


         We have been approved to sell these products to civilian market and export to US allies.


         We have developed a military-grade UHPC, which is scheduled for mass production beginning of 2014. A ultra high performance yet low-cost version is ready and approved for civilian market.


BOT is light on marketing, but heavy on R&D.



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Lab & Warehouse (Pre-approved visitors only)

3030 Giant Road

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